Recently, a reader’s query was published in Swamy’s News publication. 

“After getting one promotion under ACP or MACP, and a subsequent regular promotion, will the employee qualify for another pay fixation?” This was the question’s summary. 

An employee is given promotion under MACP only if he/she didn’t get any, under Regular Promotion. The pay is fixed based on 3% increment and Grade Pay difference. So, when regular promotion is given, the pay is revised only if there is a difference in the grade pay. 

If another pay fixation is given, it would only result in confusion between Seniors and Juniors. 

Let us assume that an employee named X gets a hike in basic pay from Rs. 2800 to Rs. 4200, after a regular promotion. 
His Basic pay 12,200 + 2,800 = 15,000
After promotion 12,650 + 4,200 = 16,850

His junior, an employee named Y, gets a promotion from Rs. 2800 to Rs. 4200 under MACP. 
His Basic pay 12,200 + 2,800 = 15,000
After MACP 12,650 + 4,200 = 16,850

Incase of getting regular promotion, no change in basic pay and no need of pay fixation. If a second time pay fixation is given, then the Junior will draw a bigger salary than the Senior.

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